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Thursday, February 22, 2018

TemperatureWeatherwind  wetnessPressure
evening-2...-1 °Cfrom 18:01 to 00:00Partly cloudyPartly cloudynortheast, easy
On land:
Wind felt face, leaves rustle at times weak, vane begins to turn.
At Sea:
Weak emotion. Combs does not tip over and appear glassy. At sea, the waves are short in height and 30 centimeters and a length of 1-2 meters.
wind: northeast7-11km/h2-3m/sec78-85%1027-1028hPa770-771mm Hg
Moon phase: in its first quarter (7); Sunrise: 07:24; Sunset: 17:44; Moonrise: 10:21; Moonset: 00:15;

Friday, February 23, 2018

TemperatureWeatherwind  wetnessPressure
nighttime-4...-2 °Cfrom 00:01 to 06:00Partly cloudyPartly cloudynortheast, easywind: northeast7-112-382-93%1025-1028769-771
morning-4...0 °Cfrom 06:01 to 12:00ClearCleareastern, weak
On land:
Leaves and thin branches of trees with leaves vary continuously, swaying light flags. Smoke as it licked the top of the pipe (at a rate of 4 m / sec or more).
At Sea:
Easy excitement. Noticeable short, well-defined wavelength. Combs, turning over to form a glassy foam, and occasionally formed small white sheep. The average wave height of 60 centimeters to one meter length is 6 meters.
wind: eastern11-143-445-88%1027-1028770-771
daytime0...+2 °Cfrom 12:01 to 18:00Partly cloudyPartly cloudyeastern, weakwind: eastern14-184-544-53%1027-1028770-771
evening-4...-2 °Cfrom 18:01 to 00:00ClearCleareastern, easywind: eastern7-142-459-69%1027-1028770-771
Moon phase: waxing gibbous (8); Sunrise: 07:22; Sunset: 17:46; Moonrise: 10:53; Moonset: 01:30;

Saturday, February 24, 2018

TemperatureWeatherwind  wetnessPressure
nighttime-5...-3 °Cfrom 00:01 to 06:00ClearCleareastern, easywind: eastern7-142-468-70%1028-1029771-772
morning-4...+2 °Cfrom 06:01 to 12:00OvercastOvercasteastern, weakwind: eastern11-253-760-77%1029-1031772-773
daytime0...+2 °Cfrom 12:01 to 18:00Partly cloudyPartly cloudyeastern, moderate
On land:
Wind raises dust and paper. Thin branches of trees swaying and without foliage. Smoke mixed in the air, losing shape. This is the best wind for a wind turbine.
At Sea:
Moderate agitation. The waves are elongated, white sheep can be seen in many places. Wave height of 1 to 1.5 meters, length is 15 meters
wind: eastern18-255-739-51%1031-1032773-774
evening-5...-1 °Cfrom 18:01 to 00:00Partly cloudyPartly cloudyeastern, moderatewind: eastern18-225-645-59%1032-1035774-776
Moon phase: waxing gibbous (9); Sunrise: 07:19; Sunset: 17:48; Moonrise: 11:32; Moonset: 02:45;

Sunday, February 25, 2018

TemperatureWeatherwind  wetnessPressure
nighttime-7...-5 °Cfrom 00:01 to 06:00ClearCleareastern, weakwind: eastern11-183-560-64%1035-1036776-777
morning-7...-2 °Cfrom 06:01 to 12:00OvercastOvercasteastern, weakwind: eastern11-143-447-64%1035-1037776-778
daytime-3...0 °Cfrom 12:01 to 18:00ClearClearnortheast, weakwind: northeast11-183-538-52%1035-1036776-777
evening-5...-3 °Cfrom 18:01 to 00:00OvercastOvercastnortheast, easywind: northeast7-112-355-74%1033-1035775-776
Moon phase: waxing gibbous (10); Sunrise: 07:17; Sunset: 17:50; Moonrise: 12:23; Moonset: 03:55;

Monday, February 26, 2018

TemperatureWeatherwind  wetnessPressure
nighttime-5...-4 °Cfrom 00:01 to 06:00Partly cloudyPartly cloudynorthern, weakwind: northern11-143-478-82%1032-1035774-776
morning-5...-2 °Cfrom 06:01 to 12:00OvercastOvercastnorthern, weakwind: northern14-184-555-79%1032-1033774-775
daytime-3...0 °Cfrom 12:01 to 18:00Partly cloudyPartly cloudynorthern, weakwind: northern14-224-643-50%1029-1032772-774
evening-5...-3 °Cfrom 18:01 to 00:00Partly cloudyPartly cloudynorthern, easywind: northern7-142-452-63%1028-1029771-772
Moon phase: waxing gibbous (11); Sunrise: 07:15; Sunset: 17:52; Moonrise: 13:25; Moonset: 04:57;

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

TemperatureWeatherwind  wetnessPressure
nighttime-6...-4 °Cfrom 00:01 to 06:00SnowSnownorthern, weakwind: northern11-183-565-71%1025-1027769-770
morning-5...-3 °Cfrom 06:01 to 12:00SnowSnownorthern, weakwind: northern14-224-666-73%1023-1024767-768
daytime-4...-2 °Cfrom 12:01 to 18:00Small SnowSmall Snownortheast, moderatewind: northeast18-225-662-66%1023-1024767-768
evening-6...-5 °Cfrom 18:01 to 00:00Partly cloudyPartly cloudynortheast, weakwind: northeast14-224-642-67%1023-1025767-769
Moon phase: waxing gibbous (12); Sunrise: 07:13; Sunset: 17:54; Moonrise: 14:37; Moonset: 05:49;

wednesday, February 28, 2018

TemperatureWeatherwind  wetnessPressure
nighttime-9...-7 °Cfrom 00:01 to 06:00Partly cloudyPartly cloudyeastern, weakwind: eastern14-184-530-37%1025-1027769-770
morning-11...-8 °Cfrom 06:01 to 12:00OvercastOvercastnortheast, weakwind: northeast14-184-536-41%1027-1028770-771
daytime-7...-6 °Cfrom 12:01 to 18:00OvercastOvercasteastern, weakwind: eastern14-184-534-46%1025-1028769-771
evening-9...-7 °Cfrom 18:01 to 00:00Partly cloudyPartly cloudyeastern, weakwind: eastern11-143-449-53%1024-1025768-769
Moon phase: waxing gibbous (13); Sunrise: 07:10; Sunset: 17:56; Moonrise: 15:56; Moonset: 06:31;

Thursday, March 01, 2018

TemperatureWeatherwind  wetnessPressure
nighttime-11...-9 °Cfrom 00:01 to 06:00ClearCleareastern, easywind: eastern7-112-352-54%1021-1024766-768
morning-12...-7 °Cfrom 06:01 to 12:00ClearCleareastern, weakwind: eastern11-143-440-53%1017-1021763-766
daytime-6...-5 °Cfrom 12:01 to 18:00ClearCleareastern, weakwind: eastern11-143-434-44%1013-1017760-763
evening-9...-7 °Cfrom 18:01 to 00:00ClearCleareastern, weakwind: eastern11-143-446-53%1011-1013758-760
Moon phase: full (14); Sunrise: 07:08; Sunset: 17:57; Moonrise: 17:17; Moonset: 07:05;

Friday, March 02, 2018

TemperatureWeatherwind  wetnessPressure
nighttime-10...-9 °Cfrom 00:01 to 06:00OvercastOvercasteastern, weakwind: eastern14-184-553-55%1008-1011756-758
morning-10...-6 °Cfrom 06:01 to 12:00Partly cloudyPartly cloudyeastern, moderatewind: eastern18-225-641-54%1004-1007753-755
daytime-5...-3 °Cfrom 12:01 to 18:00OvercastOvercasteastern, moderatewind: eastern22-256-735-41%1001-1003751-752
evening-4...-2 °Cfrom 18:01 to 00:00OvercastOvercasteastern, moderatewind: eastern22-256-742-47%999-1000749-750
Moon phase: waning gibbous (15); Sunrise: 07:06; Sunset: 17:59; Moonrise: 18:38; Moonset: 07:33;

Saturday, March 03, 2018

TemperatureWeatherwind  wetnessPressure
nighttime-4...-3 °Cfrom 00:01 to 06:00Small SnowSmall Snoweastern, moderatewind: eastern18-225-648-70%997-1000748-750
morning-4...-1 °Cfrom 06:01 to 12:00Small SnowSmall Snoweastern, weakwind: eastern11-183-563-80%997-999748-749
daytime0...+1 °Cfrom 12:01 to 18:00OvercastOvercasteastern, weakwind: eastern11-183-555-66%996-999747-749
evening-3...-1 °Cfrom 18:01 to 00:00OvercastOvercasteastern, weakwind: eastern14-184-569-77%996-997747-748
Moon phase: waning gibbous (16); Sunrise: 07:04; Sunset: 18:01; Moonrise: 19:57; Moonset: 07:58;

Sunday, March 04, 2018

TemperatureWeatherwind  wetnessPressure
nighttime-4...-3 °Cfrom 00:01 to 06:00OvercastOvercasteastern, weakwind: eastern14-184-578-79%995-996746-747
Moon phase: waning gibbous (17); Sunrise: 07:01; Sunset: 18:03; Moonrise: 21:13; Moonset: 08:21;

Latitude: DD: 53.5534 (DMS: 53°33'12"N)
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Amburgo, Hambourg, Hamburg, Hamburgo, Hampuri, Αμβούργο, Гамбург, Гамбурґ, Горад Гамбург, Хамбург, هامبورج, هامبورگ, हैम्बर्ग, ハンブルク, 汉堡, 함부르크
Longitude: DD: 9.9922 (DMS: 9°59'32"E)
Altitude (elevation), in meters: 8
Time zone: 1. winter time*
Local time: 21:35
Telephone country code: +49
* weather indicated in local time
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