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Mexico  Mexico/Chihuahua/Praxédis Guerrero

Sunday, January 21, 2018

TemperatureWeatherwind  wetnessPressure
morning+6...+9 °Cfrom 06:01 to 12:00ClearClearwestern, moderate
On land:
Wind raises dust and paper. Thin branches of trees swaying and without foliage. Smoke mixed in the air, losing shape. This is the best wind for a wind turbine.
At Sea:
Moderate agitation. The waves are elongated, white sheep can be seen in many places. Wave height of 1 to 1.5 meters, length is 15 meters
wind: western22-32km/h6-9m/sec22-51%1016-1020hPa762-765mm Hg
daytime+10...+11 °Cfrom 12:01 to 18:00ClearClearwestern, fresh
On land:
Sway branches and thin trunks of trees, the wind felt by hand. Draws large flags. Whistling in my ears.
At Sea:
Sea of ​​Troubles. Well developed in length, but not very big waves, whitecaps everywhere visible white (in some cases formed spray). Wave height of 1.5 to 2 meters, the length can reach 30 meters.
wind: western29-368-1010-14%1015-1016761-762
evening+5...+8 °Cfrom 18:01 to 00:00ClearClearwestern, moderatewind: western22-296-818-29%1017-1021763-766
Moon phase: waxing crescent (4); Sunrise: 07:02; Sunset: 17:29; Moonrise: 09:54; Moonset: 21:51;

Monday, January 22, 2018

TemperatureWeatherwind  wetnessPressure
nighttime-1...+4 °Cfrom 00:01 to 06:00ClearClearwestern, weak
On land:
Leaves and thin branches of trees with leaves vary continuously, swaying light flags. Smoke as it licked the top of the pipe (at a rate of 4 m / sec or more).
At Sea:
Easy excitement. Noticeable short, well-defined wavelength. Combs, turning over to form a glassy foam, and occasionally formed small white sheep. The average wave height of 60 centimeters to one meter length is 6 meters.
wind: western7-222-631-49%1023-1025767-769
morning-2...+6 °Cfrom 06:01 to 12:00Partly cloudyPartly cloudynorthwest, quiet
On land:
Smoke slightly deviates from the vertical direction, the leaves of the trees still.
At Sea:
Weak emotion. At sea, light ripples of foam on the crests there. The height of waves up to 10 inches, length 30 inches.
wind: northwest4-71-229-54%1027-1028770-771
daytime+8...+11 °Cfrom 12:01 to 18:00Partly cloudyPartly cloudynorthwest, easy
On land:
Wind felt face, leaves rustle at times weak, vane begins to turn.
At Sea:
Weak emotion. Combs does not tip over and appear glassy. At sea, the waves are short in height and 30 centimeters and a length of 1-2 meters.
wind: northwest7-112-312-20%1020-1024765-768
evening+4...+7 °Cfrom 18:01 to 00:00Partly cloudyPartly cloudynorthwest, quietwind: northwest0-70-217-22%1021-1023766-767
Moon phase: waxing crescent (5); Sunrise: 07:02; Sunset: 17:30; Moonrise: 10:28; Moonset: 22:48;

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

TemperatureWeatherwind  wetnessPressure
nighttime-2...+4 °Cfrom 00:01 to 06:00Partly cloudyPartly cloudynorthwest, quietwind: northwest0-70-221-30%1021-1024766-768
morning-2...+7 °Cfrom 06:01 to 12:00ClearClearnorthwest, quietwind: northwest0-70-215-31%1024-1027768-770
daytime+10...+13 °Cfrom 12:01 to 18:00ClearClearnorthwest, quietwind: northwest0-70-28-13%1019-1023764-767
evening+7...+10 °Cfrom 18:01 to 00:00ClearClearnorthwest, quietwind: northwest4-71-211-13%1020-1025765-769
Moon phase: waxing crescent (6); Sunrise: 07:01; Sunset: 17:31; Moonrise: 11:03; Moonset: 23:47;

wednesday, January 24, 2018

TemperatureWeatherwind  wetnessPressure
nighttime+1...+6 °Cfrom 00:01 to 06:00ClearClearsouthwest, quietwind: southwest0-70-215-22%1025-1028769-771
morning+2...+10 °Cfrom 06:01 to 12:00ClearClearsouthern, quietwind: southern4-71-217-21%1028-1029771-772
daytime+11...+14 °Cfrom 12:01 to 18:00ClearCleareastern, quietwind: eastern4-71-213-16%1023-1028767-771
evening+5...+12 °Cfrom 18:01 to 00:00ClearCleareastern, easywind: eastern4-111-315-26%1023-1024767-768
Moon phase: in its first quarter (7); Sunrise: 07:01; Sunset: 17:32; Moonrise: 11:39; Moonset: --:--;

Thursday, January 25, 2018

TemperatureWeatherwind  wetnessPressure
nighttime+2...+4 °Cfrom 00:01 to 06:00ClearCleareastern, easywind: eastern7-112-328-41%1023-1025767-769
morning+4...+13 °Cfrom 06:01 to 12:00ClearCleareastern, easywind: eastern7-112-322-37%1021-1024766-768
daytime+13...+17 °Cfrom 12:01 to 18:00ClearClearsoutheast, easywind: southeast7-112-322-23%1013-1020760-765
evening+9...+16 °Cfrom 18:01 to 00:00ClearClearsoutheast, easywind: southeast4-111-326-43%1013-1015760-761
Moon phase: waxing gibbous (8); Sunrise: 07:00; Sunset: 17:33; Moonrise: 12:19; Moonset: 00:48;

Friday, January 26, 2018

TemperatureWeatherwind  wetnessPressure
nighttime+8...+9 °Cfrom 00:01 to 06:00ClearClearsouthern, easywind: southern7-112-334-42%1012-1013759-760
morning+9...+17 °Cfrom 06:01 to 12:00ClearClearsouthwest, weakwind: southwest11-223-614-31%1012-1013759-760
daytime+17...+19 °Cfrom 12:01 to 18:00ClearClearwestern, moderatewind: western22-256-79-13%1008-1012756-759
evening+8...+17 °Cfrom 18:01 to 00:00ClearClearwestern, moderatewind: western14-254-712-30%1009-1016757-762
Moon phase: waxing gibbous (9); Sunrise: 07:00; Sunset: 17:34; Moonrise: 13:03; Moonset: 01:50;

Saturday, January 27, 2018

TemperatureWeatherwind  wetnessPressure
nighttime+2...+7 °Cfrom 00:01 to 06:00ClearClearwestern, weakwind: western11-143-430-34%1016-1021762-766
morning+3...+9 °Cfrom 06:01 to 12:00ClearClearnorthwest, weakwind: northwest11-183-515-31%1021-1025766-769
daytime+9...+10 °Cfrom 12:01 to 18:00ClearClearnorthwest, weakwind: northwest14-184-511-14%1024-1025768-769
evening+3...+9 °Cfrom 18:01 to 00:00ClearClearnorthern, easywind: northern7-142-412-15%1025-1031769-773
Moon phase: waxing gibbous (10); Sunrise: 06:59; Sunset: 17:34; Moonrise: 13:53; Moonset: 02:56;

Sunday, January 28, 2018

TemperatureWeatherwind  wetnessPressure
nighttime-1...+2 °Cfrom 00:01 to 06:00ClearClearnorthern, quietwind: northern4-71-219-40%1031-1035773-776
morning0...+6 °Cfrom 06:01 to 12:00ClearClearnorthwest, quietwind: northwest0-70-222-37%1035-1036776-777
daytime+6...+10 °Cfrom 12:01 to 18:00ClearClearnorthwest, quietwind: northwest4-71-210-20%1028-1035771-776
evening+5...+9 °Cfrom 18:01 to 00:00ClearClearnorthern, quietwind: northern4-71-211-14%1028-1031771-773
Moon phase: waxing gibbous (11); Sunrise: 06:59; Sunset: 17:35; Moonrise: 14:49; Moonset: 04:01;

Monday, January 29, 2018

TemperatureWeatherwind  wetnessPressure
nighttime+2...+5 °Cfrom 00:01 to 06:00ClearClearnorthwest, quietwind: northwest0-70-214-18%1031-1032773-774
morning+3...+9 °Cfrom 06:01 to 12:00ClearClearnortheast, quietwind: northeast4-71-211-17%1032-1033774-775
daytime+10...+14 °Cfrom 12:01 to 18:00ClearCleareastern, quietwind: eastern0-40-19-11%1025-1032769-774
evening+9...+13 °Cfrom 18:01 to 00:00ClearClearsoutheast, quietwind: southeast4-71-210-15%1025-1028769-771
Moon phase: waxing gibbous (12); Sunrise: 06:58; Sunset: 17:36; Moonrise: 15:51; Moonset: 05:05;

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

TemperatureWeatherwind  wetnessPressure
nighttime+1...+7 °Cfrom 00:01 to 06:00ClearClearsoutheast, easywind: southeast7-112-316-26%1024-1027768-770
morning+3...+14 °Cfrom 06:01 to 12:00Partly cloudyPartly cloudyeastern, easywind: eastern7-112-310-23%1023-1024767-768
daytime+14...+18 °Cfrom 12:01 to 18:00Partly cloudyPartly cloudynorthern, easywind: northern7-112-38-10%1013-1021760-766
Moon phase: waxing gibbous (13); Sunrise: 06:58; Sunset: 17:37; Moonrise: 16:58; Moonset: 06:06;

MexicoChihuahuaPraxédis Guerrero
Latitude: DD: 31.3667 (DMS: 31°22'0"N)
At different times, in different languages

براكسديس غوررو, Pracsédis Guerrero, Praksedis Guerrero, Praxedis Guerrero, Praxédis Guerrero, Πραξεδισ Γερρερο, Пракседис Герреро, Пракседіс Ґерреро, Праксэдіс Гэррэро, پرخدیس گرررو, प्रक्षेडिस गीरो, プレイクセディズ・グエレロー, 프락세디스 구어레로
Longitude: DD: -106.017 (DMS: 106°1'1"W)
Altitude (elevation), in meters: 1082
Time zone: -7. winter time*
Local time: 07:48
Telephone country code: +52
* weather indicated in local time
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