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Saturday, August 18, 2018

TemperatureWeatherwind  wetnessPressure
nighttime+23 °Cfrom 04:00 to 04:59ShowersShowerssouthwest, easy
On land:
Wind felt face, leaves rustle at times weak, vane begins to turn.
At Sea:
Weak emotion. Combs does not tip over and appear glassy. At sea, the waves are short in height and 30 centimeters and a length of 1-2 meters.
wind: southwest12km/h3,3m/sec96%1010hPa757,3mm Hg
nighttime+23 °Cfrom 05:00 to 05:59ShowersShowerssouthwest, easywind: southwest11397%1009757
morning+23 °Cfrom 06:00 to 06:59ShowersShowerssouthwest, easywind: southwest123,396%1009757
morning+23 °Cfrom 07:00 to 07:59ShowersShowerssouthwest, weak
On land:
Leaves and thin branches of trees with leaves vary continuously, swaying light flags. Smoke as it licked the top of the pipe (at a rate of 4 m / sec or more).
At Sea:
Easy excitement. Noticeable short, well-defined wavelength. Combs, turning over to form a glassy foam, and occasionally formed small white sheep. The average wave height of 60 centimeters to one meter length is 6 meters.
wind: southwest133,795%1009757
morning+23 °Cfrom 08:00 to 08:59ShowersShowerssouthwest, weakwind: southwest14494%1009757
morning+24 °Cfrom 09:00 to 09:59ShowersShowerssouthwest, weakwind: southwest14489,3%1009756,7
morning+25 °Cfrom 10:00 to 10:59ShowersShowerssouthwest, weakwind: southwest14484,7%1008756,3
morning+26 °Cfrom 11:00 to 11:59ShowersShowerssouthwest, weakwind: southwest14480%1008756
daytime+27 °Cfrom 12:00 to 12:59ShowersShowerswestern, weakwind: western133,775,7%1008755,7
daytime+27 °Cfrom 13:00 to 13:59OvercastOvercastwestern, easywind: western123,371,3%1007755,3
daytime+28 °Cfrom 14:00 to 14:59OvercastOvercastwestern, easywind: western11367%1007755
daytime+27 °Cfrom 15:00 to 15:59OvercastOvercastwestern, easywind: western11371,7%1007755
daytime+26 °Cfrom 16:00 to 16:59RainRainwestern, easywind: western11376,3%1007755
daytime+25 °Cfrom 17:00 to 17:59RainRainwestern, easywind: western11381%1007755
evening+24 °Cfrom 18:00 to 18:59RainRainwestern, easywind: western11384,3%1007755,3
evening+23 °Cfrom 19:00 to 19:59ShowersShowersnorthwest, easywind: northwest11387,7%1008755,7
evening+22 °Cfrom 20:00 to 20:59ShowersShowersnorthern, easywind: northern11391%1008756
evening+20 °Cfrom 21:00 to 21:59ShowersShowersnorthern, easywind: northern7296%1011758
evening+20 °Cfrom 22:00 to 22:59ShowersShowersnorthern, easywind: northern92,595,7%1011758,3
evening+20 °Cfrom 23:00 to 23:59ShowersShowersnorthern, easywind: northern11395,3%1012758,7
Moon phase: waxing crescent (6); Sunrise: 05:55; Sunset: 19:42; Moonrise: 13:54; Moonset: --:--;

Sunday, August 19, 2018

TemperatureWeatherwind  wetnessPressure
nighttime+20 °Cfrom 00:00 to 00:59OvercastOvercastnorthern, weakwind: northern133,595%1012759
nighttime+19 °Cfrom 01:00 to 01:59OvercastOvercastnorthern, weakwind: northern14494,7%1012759,3
nighttime+19 °Cfrom 02:00 to 02:59OvercastOvercastnorthern, weakwind: northern164,594,3%1013759,7
nighttime+19 °Cfrom 03:00 to 03:59OvercastOvercastnorthern, weakwind: northern18594%1013760
nighttime+19 °Cfrom 04:00 to 04:59OvercastOvercastnortheast, weakwind: northeast195,390,3%1014760,3
nighttime+20 °Cfrom 05:00 to 05:59OvercastOvercastnortheast, moderate
On land:
Wind raises dust and paper. Thin branches of trees swaying and without foliage. Smoke mixed in the air, losing shape. This is the best wind for a wind turbine.
At Sea:
Moderate agitation. The waves are elongated, white sheep can be seen in many places. Wave height of 1 to 1.5 meters, length is 15 meters
wind: northeast215,786,7%1014760,7
morning+20 °Cfrom 06:00 to 06:59OvercastOvercastnortheast, moderatewind: northeast22683%1015761
morning+20 °Cfrom 07:00 to 07:59OvercastOvercastnortheast, moderatewind: northeast236,379,3%1015761,3
morning+21 °Cfrom 08:00 to 08:59OvercastOvercastnortheast, moderatewind: northeast246,775,7%1016761,7
morning+21 °Cfrom 09:00 to 09:59OvercastOvercastnortheast, moderatewind: northeast25772%1016762
morning+21 °Cfrom 10:00 to 10:59OvercastOvercastnortheast, moderatewind: northeast25772,5%1016762
morning+21 °Cfrom 11:00 to 11:59OvercastOvercastnortheast, moderatewind: northeast25773%1016762
daytime+21 °Cfrom 12:00 to 12:59OvercastOvercastnortheast, moderatewind: northeast25773,5%1016762
daytime+21 °Cfrom 13:00 to 13:59OvercastOvercastnortheast, moderatewind: northeast25774%1016762
daytime+21 °Cfrom 14:00 to 14:59OvercastOvercastnortheast, moderatewind: northeast25774,5%1016762
daytime+21 °Cfrom 15:00 to 15:59OvercastOvercastnortheast, moderatewind: northeast25775%1016762
daytime+21 °Cfrom 16:00 to 16:59OvercastOvercastnortheast, moderatewind: northeast236,577,5%1016762,2
daytime+20 °Cfrom 17:00 to 17:59OvercastOvercastnortheast, moderatewind: northeast22680%1016762,3
evening+20 °Cfrom 18:00 to 18:59OvercastOvercastnortheast, moderatewind: northeast205,582,5%1017762,5
evening+20 °Cfrom 19:00 to 19:59OvercastOvercastnortheast, weakwind: northeast18585%1017762,7
evening+19 °Cfrom 20:00 to 20:59OvercastOvercastnortheast, weakwind: northeast164,587,5%1017762,8
evening+19 °Cfrom 21:00 to 21:59OvercastOvercastnortheast, weakwind: northeast14490%1017763
evening+19 °Cfrom 22:00 to 22:59OvercastOvercastnortheast, weakwind: northeast143,890,7%1017762,8
evening+19 °Cfrom 23:00 to 23:59OvercastOvercastnortheast, weakwind: northeast133,791,3%1017762,7
Moon phase: in its first quarter (7); Sunrise: 05:56; Sunset: 19:40; Moonrise: 14:53; Moonset: 00:09;

Monday, August 20, 2018

TemperatureWeatherwind  wetnessPressure
nighttime+19 °Cfrom 00:00 to 00:59RainRainnortheast, weakwind: northeast133,592%1017762,5
nighttime+19 °Cfrom 01:00 to 01:59RainRainnortheast, easywind: northeast123,392,7%1016762,3
nighttime+19 °Cfrom 02:00 to 02:59RainRainnortheast, easywind: northeast123,293,3%1016762,2
nighttime+19,5 °Cfrom 03:00 to 03:59RainRainnortheast, easywind: northeast11394%1016762
nighttime+19 °Cfrom 04:00 to 04:59RainRainnortheast, weakwind: northeast133,594,8%1016762,2
nighttime+19 °Cfrom 05:00 to 05:59RainRainnortheast, weakwind: northeast14495,7%1016762,3
morning+19 °Cfrom 06:00 to 06:59RainRainnortheast, weakwind: northeast164,596,5%1017762,5
morning+19 °Cfrom 07:00 to 07:59RainRainnortheast, weakwind: northeast18597,3%1017762,7
morning+18 °Cfrom 08:00 to 08:59RainRainnortheast, moderatewind: northeast205,598,2%1017762,8
morning+18 °Cfrom 09:00 to 09:59RainRainnortheast, moderatewind: northeast22699%1017763
morning+19 °Cfrom 10:00 to 10:59RainRainnortheast, moderatewind: northeast215,797,8%1018763,2
morning+19 °Cfrom 11:00 to 11:59RainRainnortheast, weakwind: northeast195,396,7%1018763,3
daytime+20 °Cfrom 12:00 to 12:59RainRainnortheast, weakwind: northeast18595,5%1018763,5
daytime+20 °Cfrom 13:00 to 13:59RainRainnortheast, weakwind: northeast174,794,3%1018763,7
daytime+21 °Cfrom 14:00 to 14:59RainRainnortheast, weakwind: northeast154,393,2%1018763,8
daytime+21 °Cfrom 15:00 to 15:59RainRainnortheast, weakwind: northeast14492%1019764
daytime+21 °Cfrom 16:00 to 16:59RainRainnorthern, weakwind: northern133,792,7%1018763,9
daytime+20 °Cfrom 17:00 to 17:59RainRainnorthern, easywind: northern123,393,3%1018763,8
evening+20 °Cfrom 18:00 to 18:59Partly cloudyPartly cloudynorthern, easywind: northern11394%1018763,8
evening+19 °Cfrom 19:00 to 19:59Partly cloudyPartly cloudynorthern, easywind: northern102,794,7%1018763,7
evening+19 °Cfrom 20:00 to 20:59Partly cloudyPartly cloudynorthern, easywind: northern82,395,3%1018763,6
evening+18 °Cfrom 21:00 to 21:59Partly cloudyPartly cloudynorthern, easywind: northern7296%1018763,5
Moon phase: waxing gibbous (8); Sunrise: 05:57; Sunset: 19:38; Moonrise: 15:50; Moonset: 00:47;

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Detailed hourly weather forecast in Arlington

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